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CBC analyzer
that accelerates time to diagnosis and treatment

Easy, maintenance-free lab grade CBC results in minutes

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19 parameters5-part differential CBC
19 parameters5-part differential CBC
19 parameters5-part differential CBC
19 parameters5-part differential CBC

Know more, act fast

- Robust, comprehensive, 19 parameters with parameters with 5 part-differential CBC give you a head start to the right direction when caring for patients with complex, urgent conditions
- Results in minutes empowers fast decision-making to the next treatment or triage action
- Easy to operate so staff with any level of experience can you pick up the pre-filled test-kits and run OLO with minimal training and no memorization required.


Easy, in-house, and maintenance-free CBC

- Sample collection directly to results
- No mess no stress sample preparation with disposable cartridge
- Flexible sample collection from a single finger prick or a venous draw
- No routine cleaning. No wet reagents. No daily QC2


Quick, seamless integration

- Minimal training and no memorization required for operator with any level of experience
- Connectivity to LIS, middleware and EMR
- 24/7 Customer support

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