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Sight OLO
for Physicians

You deserve actionable lab results that help you make clinical decisions fast. Here’s how OLO makes it possible.

Male doctor pointing at olo symbol
Comparative chart of accuracy in CBC results from two cbc machines

Proven Lab-grade Results Without the Lab

Sight OLO provides 5-part diff CBC results with 19 parameters and sophisticated flagging capabilities. OLO is FDA 510(k) cleared for blood taken directly from either a fingerstick or a venous draw sample. Accurate and more importantly, reliable, actionable results create fewer retests. That means you get the right care plan in place, right away.

Suitable for Anyone, Anywhere

Sight OLO has been validated for patients aged three months and above in a variety of clinical settings such as pediatric practices, hospitals and urgent care centers. The possibility of processing fingerstick samples in hospitals and clinics makes OLO perfectly accessible to the most delicate patients and situations.

Female lab tech looking at blood capsule

Act Quickly When Speed Matters Most

Sometimes you can’t afford to wait for lab test results. Think about frequent monitoring of a sepsis patient at risk of going into shock. Fast CBC results (for example using platelet count and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio) can help you make informed treatment decisions as quickly as possible to manage risk and improve patient outcome. When you can get accurate results quickly, you can take immediate action when it counts most.

Timely Results Put You in Control

The conditions of a patient can sometimes change unexpectedly, but without visible signs. You shouldn’t have to rely on outdated test results or have an appointment derailed when a patient arrives with missing bloodwork. Sight OLO lets your clinical staff take control of the CBC with no loss of results, so you always have the most recent blood samples to help you make the best care decision in real time.

Olo device with test kit

Simplified Workflows, Effective Care

Sight OLO is perfectly suited for a variety of CLIA-certified moderately complex clinical settings, which means fewer return visits for patients and speedy, effective care plans. OLO comes factory calibrated for a quick setup and requires no maintenance or manual QC. Its minimal training and step-by-step on-screen guidance are designed to make it easy to use for operators with any level of experience.

CBC single-use disposable test kit

No Mess, No Stress

Sight OLO uses one disposable cartridge per test, eliminating the need for reagent procurement, hazardous material storage and liquid waste disposal. The analyzer can be operated between 64.4-86°F and the test kit can be stored between 64.4-78.80°F. There’s no special setup required—all you need is a power outlet, and it’s on when you need it.

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