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You Deserve Better.

Each day millions of physicians around the world postpone prescribing medical treatment because they lack timely access to accurate blood test results. The complexity and cost of performing blood tests often leads to lengthy processing times, which can delay treatment for patients.

We believe physicians and patients deserve better.

Physicians deserve the tools they need to provide the best care possible. Patients deserve testing and treatment that help them start feeling better without delay.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve patient journey and care through fast, accurate, convenient, and actionable diagnostics - anytime, anywhere, and in any clinical condition. Developed over almost a decade of research, our technology combines the latest innovations in blood sample preparation, optics, chemistry, biology, physics, and computer science - all applied in a compact platform designed for use in any clinical setting, overseen by CLIA-certified labs. Our first product, Parasight™, has diagnosed malaria in nearly 1 million tests across 24 countries. Sight OLO®, our latest blood analyzer, digitizes blood with only 2 drops of a finger prick or venous sample and provides lab-grade CBC results in minutes.

Our People

We are a team of passionate problem solvers committed to the social impact our technology represents. We enjoy tackling big, complicated and important technological, clinical and behavioral-change challenges as a team, and we succeed through cross-disciplinary collaboration across a non-hierarchical structure. We value diversity and are proud of the different professions, backgrounds, expertise and beliefs that make up Sight’s unique ways of thinking. Our people are united by two shared qualities: being exceptional at what they do and caring deeply about making positive changes in the world.

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We are using machine vision and AI to transform health systems and patient outcomes.


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Our blood analyzer delivers results in minutes from 2 drops of blood.

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